Guild Wars 2 video preview - Take a look at the Sylvari and Asura races' starting areas

In just over a month, ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 will finally be out, throwing its hat into the MMO ring with a massive open world and a slew of original ideas. While we've already written about what makes Guild Wars 2 different, we wanted to revisit the game before the launch to see some content we hadn't experienced yet, and we were recently invited to take a look at the last two races: Asura and Sylvari.

Here's a video showing off the Sylvari race, which is likely the most unique in Guild Wars 2. Plotwise, their story is a nice departure from typical fantasy races. Their beings entirely born from foliage, and their race is actually quite new, only sprouting up a few decades earlier. Check out the video to see their strange starting moments, which are different from every other race's in Guild Wars 2.

We also recently got a look at the Asura, too. It's easy to look at the Asura and say "Oh, they're the fun gnomes of the Guild Wars universe," but underestimating them is a big mistake. ArenaNet didn't go for the cliched trickster when creating the Asura - they're more akin to The Brain from Pinky and The Brain. They're obsessed with tech, they can build great stuff, and they're the smartest people in the room - and they know it. Everyone else is dumb, and they're the only ones that know what is going on. This mentality makes them unique in the fantasy-space, and it's why they're one of the more interesting races in the game.

Guild Wars 2 comes out next month! Be sure to check back for more news leading up to (and following) the release.

Hollander Cooper

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