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Guild housing in WoW?

We got a chance to sit down with J. Allen Brack, the lead producer for World of Warcraft, during BlizzCon - the two-day all-Blizzard-all-the-time fest. Brack talked about the upcoming patch and the recently announced second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

%26ldquo;Northrend has been part of WoW%26rsquo;s development for some time, it has a long history in Warcraft 3,%26rdquo; said Brack. %26ldquo;Back in the early days we actually talked about adding it with original continents, but that obviously didn%26rsquo;t happen.%26rdquo;

But will green become the new purple again? Jittery players are already wondering if the end-game in Burning Crusade is going to be worth the time and effort.

Brack acknowledged the problem, but said %26ldquo;One of the things [we had to consider] is what if you are not in a hardcore raiding guild, how would you feel about going up ten levels? And if you are a hardcore raider, how would you feel about going up 10 levels and not getting any drops?%26rdquo;