GTA: San Andreas to be unveiled in June

Take 2 - parent company of Grand Theft Auto publishers Rockstar - have revealed that GTA: San Andreas will be revealed for the first time to "key retailers and industry trade publications" in June, meaning that it will apparently not be on show at next month's E3 industry extravaganza.

The next instalment of the hugely successful free-roaming crime-'em-up was finally confirmed by Rockstar at the start of March, although the San Andreas subtitle had been rumoured for well over a year. It's due to hit shelves in October.

Meanwhile, Rockstar have also revealed that their western shooter Red Dead Revolver now won't reach the UK until 28 May. The PS2 and Xbox title was originally due to be released by the company on 30 April.

Finally, PS2 game The Warriors - which looks set to be a free-roaming beat-'em-up based on the of the same name - has had its release date moved back to the first financial quarter of 2005 (which means some time between November 2004 and January 2005). Comments the publisher, "Rockstar Games believes that this shift will benefit the product and will allow additional resources to be devoted to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."