GTA Online update will let you start a biker gang, buy a clubhouse, and fight The Man

If GTA Online's corporate crime rackets are losing their luster for you, GTA Online's next big update may introduce the solution to your mid-life-of-crime-crisis: motorcycle gangs. The Bikers update will let players form groups of up to eight like-minded chopper aficionados to get together and do crimes. Not that all or even most bikers are criminals in real life, but crimes are just what you do in GTA Online.

It sounds like the new Bikers stuff will be distinct from the Criminal Enterprise business added in previous updates. The framework seems familiar though: gather a gang, buy a clubhouse, and expand into new rackets - one of them will be pushing drugs, naturally, as indicated by this screenshot of folks in underwear and shower caps working in a lab. There will be other "new competitive and co-op gameplay" in the Bikers update as well.

You wouldn't be much of a biker without the proper selection of leather vests and tattoos, so the update will add plenty of road-friendly character customization options. And more motorcycles, obviously! Rockstar didn't address the player-made petition to add more biker-friendly stuff to the game that circulated earlier this year - indeed, it may have had these plans before the petition took off - but those players should be happy either way.

Beyond the Bikers update, Rockstar is teasing "high-level, high-risk vehicle based business ventures" to start popping up in GTA Online soon. It is called Grand Theft Auto, after all.

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