GTA IV - spoiler-free walkthrough

Pegorino’s Pride
You’ll want to wear a suit to get into this mission. The sniping’s relatively easy - just start shooting as soon as the guys run in from the back. Keep your distance as much as possible as you make your way into the building, and shoot as many people as possible from as far away as possible - you can pop the lookouts on the stairway and in the window from miles away with the sniper rifle, saving you from making a dash across open ground. Once you get to the building, stay in cover and shoot as many people as you can before you go inside, paying special attention to the guys coming from the doorway on the right. Once you go a certain distance into the building you’ll be told to get to Pegorino before he dies - run, because you’ve only got about thirty seconds to get to him. A bulletproof vest really helps out in this mission, because you don’t want to be worrying about your own health. Then it’s a simple car chase to clean up the final few guys.

The important thing here is not to pull a gun on the way in - if you do, it’s an instant two-star wanted level. Head for the ER and shoot your target's bodyguard, then your target. This makes the police arrive, but they’ll leave their cars out front, so shoot a path through and grab a motor to get out. If you’re running low on health, there’s a Sprunk machine in the lobby that you can use for top ups.

This is a massive shootout at the church - keep an eye on Packie, and take cover behind the hearse as you roll grenades under your enemies' cars. Shoot the dudes. When you get in the hearse to drive to the cemetery, don’t drift around the corners or you’ll lose the coffin.

Find the gangsters and get in convoy - this opening bit is simple enough. When the shooting starts, get to cover straight away. Shoot all the gangsters from the alley, then jump in your car. Four cars will get on you when you hit the intersection, so drive straight at the lead one and veer around it to break out of the ambush. Then just zigzag through the streets until you’re away. Try not to shoot too much, or you’ll have the cops to worry about as well.

Dining Out
No point messing around here: shoot the maitre d' of the restaurant (he’s packing), then shoot the guys who come to investigate. Then shoot everyone else, being careful as you head up the stairs, and go through the kitchen to kill everyone else. As your target escapes, slide down the ladder (by holding X) and sprint into the alley to blow up his car. Job done.

Liquidize The Assets
When you get to the compound with the cocaine vans, climb over the fence to the right of the gate - now you can clamber up onto the walls. Wipe everyone out, but before you start blowing up the trucks, head around to the right and shoot the people who come out of the side door - otherwise they’ll make a break for it in one of the vans, making you fail the mission. Once everyone’s dead, conserve ammo by driving all the trucks into a group and leaving the forklift truck near them, then detonating the cylinder on it with a shot or two. This’ll make everything go up like a bonfire.

Finally,you're presented with a difficult decision; someonemarked for deathby Niko is delivered to the Liberty City airport for Niko to do with as he pleases. This isn’t really a mission as such; more of a chance for Niko to either settle the score or be the bigger man and walk away. Make your choice either way, and that’s it for this particular encounter.

Now an old enemy is on the phone; surprisingly, he wants to make pals! This is another crucial juncture for Niko- should he side with his enemy and bring home potential megabucks, or opt for revenge and chase the bastard down to his lair?Choose your poison- whichever mission you opt for, there’s going to be a crazy amount of shooting so make sure you're tooled up on both the ammo and armour fronts...

Head to the warehouse down at the docks, where- surprise- just waltzing in and grabbing the money doesn’t exactly go according to plan. An enormous warehouse shootout beckons, so make damn sure you’re packing full AK ammo and body armour. Then it’s simply a case of taking your sweet time, seeking cover at every opportunity and using manual zoomed aim to gradually pick your foes off one by one. After about fifty are dead, you should have worked your way up to the office at the top of the warehouse interior. Drat, some SOB is making off with the proceeds! Leg it down to the floor, snag that van waiting outside and chase the thieves across the docks. Be careful not to let them get too much of a lead otherwise you’ll have to restart the mission. Once you’ve caught them, it’s mission completed...

A Dish Best Served Cold
But you don’t want to do that, do you? Nah, revenge is much sweeter, so it’s off to the Platypus tanker to finally flush the bastard out. This ship is literally crawling with machinegun and shotgun-toting grunts, so take advantage of the crane that’s located right next to the boarding plank. Take down the nearest guards from above with your AK, before switching to sniper rifle and eliminating every enemy in sight. Be sure to look carefully; the more you can pick off at this stage, the less there’ll be to worry about onboard. Once you’re on the ship tread carefully; it’s not uncommon to have left a foe slip through the net, and if they catch you unawares, Niko’s history. Work your way through to the bridge before activating the opening of the bow doors. This’ll trigger another wave of baddies, so remember to seek cover and- above all- take your time. After you’ve reached the interior of the hull, wipe out the goons protecting your target before taking him down with grenades from cover. Your target can take a lot of punishment, so be careful. After he’s been incapacitated, enjoy the sweet satisfaction of kneecapping him before popping a cap in his sorry head. Phew, only one more mission remains!

If you opted for revenge, there's just one thing left to do:tear across Liberty City with a couple of friends to take down one last bad guy. Your target's holed up inside an abandoned pier building, but instead of going for a direct all-out assault, slip around the back by the pier and up onto the roof via a handy ladder. Pick all the goons off from your handy vantage point with your AK, before dropping down onto floor level and clearing out the rest of the building by nipping in through the now unguarded front door. The target's making a break for it, so chase him down the pier- taking out any remaining stragglers with extreme prejudice.

Drat, he’s got a boat! Never mind, snag the nearby trial bike and hair down the beach in hot pursuit. After a few minutes, you’ll see a ramp pointing out to sea. Gun it and tear off the ramp- Niko will grab hold of a handy chopper piloted by his pals. Suspend your disbelief for a moment, because this next bit is tricky. Your mates tell you to stay low to your target as you tail him, but since he’s blasting rockets at you, that means less dodging time- so keep nice and high so you’ve got ample time to maneuver. After a period of sustained pelting with your minigun, your target's mashed up boat docks on an island, where Niko finally has the chance to end his particular Liberty City story.

Finale, take 2
But wait, did you pick money over revenge? If so, then things will unfold slightly differently. This version of the mission is pretty much identical to the one we just went through - except that, when your target makes a break for it, he'll scamper over the roof to a waiting helicopter. Once the cutscene plays out, immediately swim to the nearest boat and start chasing the bastard, dodging the rockets that he'll lob your way. Finally, a friendly chopper will roar in and hover low over the water for a few seconds; in that time, you'll need to pull in underneath it, which is no easy task. We had a lot of trouble with this one, but found that if you come in from the chopper's right - thereby avoiding some of the wake it tosses up - it's slightly more feasible. Once you're in control of the chopper, tail your enemyand pelt him with minigun fire until you both crash-land. After that, it's all a matter of chasing down your target and delivering one final dis in the form of a hail of bullets.

Apr 28, 2008