GTA 5 Skyrim mod is just a beautiful concept (for now)

All of GTA 5's primary antagonists are middle-aged businessmen. Sure, it goes along with Rockstar's compulsion to create overt social commentary, but it doesn't really make for climactic showdowns. No, what Los Santos really needs is a dragon, and a Dragonborn to come along and kill it. That's the idea behind the GTA 5 Skyrim Mod.

Bad news if you're already looking for a download link: this trailer is just a proof of concept inspired by that live-action Skyrim commercial. In fact, the big dragon itself is actually CGI added in after recording the rest in the Rockstar Editor, though the video's creator intends to make the whole thing playable eventually. Until then, you could always just install a bunch of gun and car mods for Skyrim and meet it halfway.

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