Grindhouse to contain missing reel!

Can’t wait for Grindhouse? Neither can we, but we do feel it’s our job to warn you – it’s going to make you angry.

Quentin Tarantino, ever the trickster, has taken out a reel – in true grindhouse style – which means that a key moment of the flick is missing.

“My whole thing is to play with the audience,” exclaimed QT. “I guarantee you, when it pops up ‘Missing Reel,’ the entire theatre is going to scream. They might very well be screaming my name: ‘Quentin, you bastard! We hate you!’

“And then the next reel starts, and all of the sudden, people who don’t like each other suddenly like each other now. ‘What happened to that guy?’ The only way to do a missing reel is, it’s got to be something you can’t wait to see.”

Despite this shoddy (or brilliant, depending on your opinion) piece of editing, Quentin is to receive the highest accolade from the board of directors of the American Cinema Editors.

Announcing the news yesterday, ACE said: “His rich and original body of work represents the best that our creative community has to offer. He has also been a proud and vocal supporter of the contributions of editors to filmmaking and shares a long and close relationship with editor Sally Menke, ACE., with whom he has collaborated on seven films.”

Quentin will receive the ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award at the 57th Annual Eddie Awards ceremony, set for 18 February at the Beverly Hilton.

In further QT news, our hero’s revealed that, after finishing the Grindhouse script, he sent it to Bob Dylan, because he thought he “would appreciate the wordplay.”

Bob Dylan was unavailable for comment.