Greg Mottola talks Pauls extraterrestrial

For a while now, there has been little information about Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s latest collaboration, Paul. Now director Greg Mottola is talking about it.

Chatting on a Sundance podcast, the Superbad director (in town to promote his latest, Adventureland), discussed how the story of two geeks travelling from Comic Con to Area 51 will be much trickier than anyone thought.

“That movie is a far more technically challenging movie than Adventureland was because one of the main characters is a fully non-existent creature,” explains Mottola. “He’s basically an alien who may be, let’s say, 70% CGI and the big challenge is that he needs to be a very funny, comedic method actor.”

“He just doesn’t exist”

“It’s not the kind of CGI character where we people to say ‘Oh wow, look what they did, that’s so cool’ it’s actually the kind of CGI character where we want people to just treat like another actor in the film, and he should be fully believable and multi-faceted and has to give a great performance, he just doesn’t exist.”

Mottola goes on to say that they’re in the middle of tests to see how the creature will work.

Oh, and yes, the film won’t be a neutered, all-ages affair either. “It’s rare that an R-rated comedy would have a CGI Creature right at the center of it so I’m learning quite a bit.”

And here we thought it would just be Bill Bailey in a pair of deely boppers. Actually, we’d watch that too.

[Source: Sundance Bloglive ]

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