Grand Theft Auto IV delayed till next year

Today, Take Two Interactive - parent company of Rockstar - announced that Grand Theft Auto IV will be delayed until February 1, 2008 - at the earliest. The game could come as late as April 30, according to today's news.

"Time-intensive elements" of the game's development on "two very different platforms" was cited as the cause of the delay, in a statement released today by the company.

This gives gamers who haven't made the next-gen leap more time to prepare for that purchase, and changes the tenor of the holiday gaming season intensely.

We'll bring you more information, as ever, as soon as it's released.

If you're looking for something else to read, why not take a look atour take on the latest demo of the game (opens in new tab)? Packed with insight, it should give you plenty of food for thought for those long, GTAIV-less months ahead.

August 2, 2007