Gran Turismo 7 beta listed on PlayStation Experience website

Gran Turismo
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A Gran Turismo 7 beta has been listed on PlayStation's website.

As first reported earlier today on July 12 by, the PlayStation website has listed a Gran Turismo 7 beta. As verified by GamesRadar+ through the screenshot just below, the PlayStation Experience section of the official PlayStation website now makes mention of an upcoming beta period for Gran Turismo 7 under the upcoming events section.

Gran Turismo 7 beta

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According to the new beta listing for Gran Turismo 7, users of the PlayStation Experience app need to watch a 10-second live demo to unlock early access to the beta period. However, if you try to watch the video as of right now, you're provided with a generic access code, that has no function when redeemed through the PS4, PS5, or PlayStation website.

Right now, this isn't confirmation that a beta period is definitely happening for Gran Turismo 7, but rather compelling evidence that it could happen at some point in the future. As rightly points out, the previous Gran Turismo Sport received a beta period before finally launching on the PS4, so this would be in keeping with past traditions from Sony.

Earlier this year, Gran Turismo 7 was delayed out of its official release window of 2021. The upcoming racing game is now slated for release at some point next year during 2022, and Sony announced at the time that the delay to the game was due to "COVID-related production challenges." Here's hoping this supposed beta period can help ease that long wait until the final game launches next year.

Just a few months later, it was revealed that Gran Turismo 7 would no longer be an exclusive release for the next-gen PS5. Sony revealed in June that Gran Turismo 7 would be coming to the PS4 as well as the PS5, and an insider speaking to another outlet claimed that this decision was actually a relatively recent one, whereas Sony had always intended for other upcoming games like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West to launch across both the last-gen and current-gen consoles.

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