Grab the WD Black SN850 PS5 SSD for its lowest ever price with the is PS5 SSD deal

WD Black SN850 deal
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A PS5 SSD deal is literally the perfect means through which to add one of the best PS5 SSDs into your machine. And boy do we have one today - in both the USA and UK.

Right now, the WD Black SN850 is down to just $189.99 at Best Buy for the 1TB version with heatsink. This deal is so good, and considering it's also one of the best SSDs for gaming for PC too, it only gets better if you want to keep your approach flexible. As far as PS5 SSD models go, this one is hard to beat; and as far as PS5 SSD deals go, this is even harder to beat. 

For reference, remember that the WD Black SN850 is at the upper echelons of the PS5 SSD scale - it is a premium beast and has premium numbers. It's claimed by WD that it can reach read and write speeds of up to 7,000MB/s and 5,300MB/s respectively. In our testing, we found that real-world performance did indeed reach close to those levels - 6996 MB/s read and 5205 MB/s write - so it's proven to be a top performer. The benefit of this also being a heatsink variant means you don't have to worry about DIYing that part of the solution and worry about getting it done correctly and choosing a good third-party one.

And if you're looking for NY further qualification of the drive's ability, then know that this is the PS5 SSD of choice for Mark Cerny himself, the PS5 architect. That provides quite the level of confidence.

Today's best PS5 SSD deals

WD BLACK SN850 | 1TB w/Heatsink | $270 $189.99 at Best Buy
Save $80

WD BLACK SN850 | 1TB w/Heatsink | $270 $189.99 at Best Buy
Save $80 - This is one of the very best PS5 SSDS going for its  lowest ever price. What more convincing would you need if you're on the hunt for something to boost your console's storage? Literally, the best PS5 SSD deal on this model we've ever seen.

WD BLACK SN850 | 1TB w/Heatsink | £258 £151.99 at AmazonSave £106

WD BLACK SN850 | 1TB w/Heatsink | £258 £151.99 at Amazon
Save £106 - The same great drive is available in the UK at its second-lowest ever price! It looks to have gone up by just 2 pounds in recent days, but if you're looking to strike now, this is still seriously good value for money.

Since Sony opened up the SSD for all users to enjoy, there has been an explosion in demand for PS5 SSDs, and a respective explosion in the supply of them. Some PC models first have come to the fore - with or without their own heatsinks - while other brands have begun crafting their own bespoke PS5 versions. It's a great item to inject into your setup, and getting one of the best for its lowest ever price offers unparalleled value.

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If you're looking for another model, then none of the offers above suit you, then we've got even more PS5 SSD deals listed below for your consideration.

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