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Gotham City Imposters animated short pits a wannabe Batman against a Joker fan

This animated teaser for next year's Batman: Gotham City Impostors is eager to remind you that Arkham City's not the only Bat-on-Joker game in town. While Rocksteady's recent cowl-vs-clown trailer might have boasted the bigger budget, this clip plays up Impostors' underground edginess with the story of two Gotham residents who take comics' most storied of rivalries into their own hands.

Due for release in the first quarter of next year, Gotham City Impostors looks set to play up a more deranged side of the Batman mythos: check our most recent preview for a look at the game's marriage of Batman costumes and weaponry to Team Fortress 2-style multiplayer silliness. Do you prefer your Batman stoic and solemn, or are you looking forward to seeing more from this less serious trip into Gotham?

Oct 6, 2011