Gorgeous Gaiden Sigma screens revealed

Ninja Gaiden Sigma developer Tecmo has unleashed a horde of new screenshots from its forthcoming PS3 super-update, so run your peepers over the 16 lovely new pics below to get your fix.

It's more than just an overhaul of the Xbox version, though. As well as including the entirety of both Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black, Sigma will also feature new content and a complete reworking of all of the original's visuals from character animation to new environmental textures and effects.

So, along with the chesty Rachael appearing as a playable character with a whole new move set, an adjustable camera will also be included plus a whole host of new weaponry and moves.

Seasoned Team Ninja member Yosuke Hayashi is the man in the chair this time but if these screenshots tell us anything it is that the newbie is keeping the standard every bit as high as series creator Tomonobu Itagaki would. And you can bet that the game will be every bit as brutally hard as the original games.

Click on the images tab at the top of the screen to get an enlarged view of the new screenshots.

December 20, 2006