Good Shepherd partners with Rebellion to develop video games based on 2000 AD stories

Promo image for Good Shepherd and Rebellion's partnership.
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2000 AD publisher Rebellion has partnered with Good Shepherd Entertainment to develop a new series of video games based on characters from the iconic anthology comic.

Although precise details of the titles currently in development have not been released, there's no doubt that there are plenty to choose from. 2000 AD is the home of notables such as Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, Strontium Dog, Sláine, and many more classic characters.

"We are huge fans of Rebellion and 2000 AD" said Good Shepherd's head of business development and publishing, Amanda Kruse. "It's still early days, but building this out with partners who understand the art of adaptation across mediums has been incredible. We are excited to bring fans the hits they are expecting, but even more excited to play with the deep cuts in the library."

Art for Good Shepherd/Rebellion's partnership.

(Image credit: Good Shepherd/Rebellion)

2000 AD was first published in 1977 and became an immediate pop culture phenomenon, largely thanks to the creation of future lawman Judge Dredd. Originally published by IPC Magazines, the title was bought by Rebellion in 2000. 

As well as the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, Rebellion has been proactive in obtaining the rights to a vast number of British comics, including Battle Action, Sexton Blake, footballing hero Roy of the Rovers and brilliant obscurities like horror comic Misty. These titles are all covered in the new deal.  

"We are honored to be the foremost custodians of the rich history of the British comics industry, and as we aim to preserve these legacies," said Rebellion's CEO and co-founder, Jason Kingsley OBE. "Rebellion is proud to bring these stories to entirely new generations who will experience them for the first time through our partnership with Good Shepherd."

We'll be watching this story closely for more developments. Until then we have just three words: Button Man please!

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