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Golden Joysticks video highlights

The 25th annual Golden Joystick Awards are almost ready to be announced, but there's still time to vote if you haven't already done so. Why are they so important? Because they're voted for by the people who matter most. You. That's right, this is all about the games that gamers love and by voting you're giving the people who make your favourite games the recognition they deserve. That's why most developers feel the awards are the most important in the industry.

To whet your appetite, we've also got a little video for you to enjoy. See the delight on developer's faces as they receive their prizes, and also see some of the games that made the shortlist for this year's awards. Once you've had a little look, head on over to thevoting formand get clicking those boxes. The awards will be presented on October 26 at London's Park Lane Hilton Hotel and we'll be streaming the whole event live to you, right here on GamesRadar.

Above: 25 years is a big deal - and you can be a part of the occasion by voting now