GOG's library grows with Moto Racer series

GOG has continued its streak of releasing PC classics withMoto Racer. The 1997 game was a technical marvel in its day, and while the graphics haven't aged particularly well, it's still a fantastic game with a great sense of speed - and a steal at a DRM-free $5.99.

The release comes as part of a deal with Trine publisher Noblis. They promise that Moto Racer 2 and 3 will follow.

Meanwhile, the less memorableChaseralso appeared on the service. The 2003 Slovakian FPS lets players take on the role of a man with amnesia (where have we seen that before?). The game wasmet withlittle criticalpraise upon its initial release, and while we can't say for sure whether age has been kind to it, we're not spending the $5.99 to find out.

Nov 24, 2010