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Godus Kickstarter succeeds with 2 days left

Peter Molyneux's return to god gaming has cleared its Kickstarter funding goal with a bit less than two days left to go. Godus, the PC/Mac/iOS/Android successor to Populous and Black & White from 22Cans, has about £454,000 pledged as of this writing from 14,600 backers.

The campaign took on some much needed steam in the last week after stalling around £200,000 midway through, according to Kicktraq. Now 22Cans hopes to grab enough pledges to implement several stretch goals, including additional single and multiplayer modes, a first-person "possession" mode, and even Linux and Ouya support at the highest level.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Molyneux for more on how he hopes to "reinvent and reinvigorate" the god-game genre with Godus.

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