Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising - day two

Sometimes you need to know where you're going before you can decide where to begin. The choices you make during your first few minutes with Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising's character creation system have some long-lasting implications on what Feats and God Powers you'll have at your disposal as you near the game's current level cap of 40.

Pick a heal-centric Priest, and you might find yourself pining for a Nomad that can heal and score some stabby damage later on. The god you choose to align yourself with also has late-game ramifications on what sort of divine powers you can tap into as well. Choose Apollo for your freshly minted Scout, and you might find yourself unwittingly tossing away your chance to use the undoubtedly cool Summon Chaemera spell granted exclusively to scions of Diana. So avoid the dreaded character re-roll, and arm yourself with our in-depth guide to the Feats and God Powers available to each of the game's six heroes.

Above: This club's for you

The Nomad
Part damage dealer, part healer, the Nomad seems well suited for self-sufficient players who live by the Emersonian mantra of "Self Reliance." Although you'll have all your bases covered with light heals to compliment your damaging blows and spells, you won't be the best at healing or cranking out kills in a party of non-hybrid characters.

Starting Feat: Brutal Strike
- Increases the damage of your next attack.
Higher Level Feat: Healing Wind
- Heals a friendly target for an initial amount of health and additional health over time.

Available Gods: Mercury or Nemesis
First God Power (Mercury): Rapidity
- Each time you cast Rejuvenation, its cast time is reduced. Note: It only lasts a limited amount of time.
Higher Level God Power (Mercury): Storm of Mercury
- Creates an ice storm, damaging all nearby enemies over time.
First God Power (Nemesis): Reprisal
- Grants an additional attack the next time you swing your melee weapon.
Higher Level God Power (Nemesis): Smite of Nemesis
- Smite your enemy with fire.