God of War Ragnarok goes gold ahead of November launch

Gold-colored God of War Ragnarok symbol
(Image credit: Sony Santa Monica)

God of War Ragnarok has gone gold, solidifying the game's fast-approaching November release date.

Sony Santa Monica announced the encouraging news over on Twitter, thanking its fans for their support. "On behalf of SMS and all of our partners, thank you to the fans for supporting us over the course of development," it said. "We’re almost to launch and can’t wait for you to play on November 9!"

For the uninitiated, 'going gold' is a phrase used by studios to mean a game is fully completed and ready to ship. This typically rules out the potential for any delays, barring anything catastrophic.

The news drew swift reactions from fellow PlayStation studio and Uncharted maker Naughty Dog, which congratulated the "incredible studio" for the milestone. PlayStation itself, however, decided to congratulate Sony Santa Monica with a startlingly bad Friday pun. "Great way to start a Freya’s-day," it wrote, wholly unashamed. "Congratulations!"

Now that the game has gone gold and is ready for store shelves - complete with a recent ESRB rating teasing plenty of dismemberment and swear words - here's where you can secure your God of War Ragnarok pre-order. It's also not too late to pre-order that beautiful limited-edition God of War Ragnarok DualSense controller, but stock is quickly running dry. In fact, it already has depleted at most retailers, but you can still find it at PlayStation Direct.

God of War Ragnarok launches November 9 for PS5 and PS4.

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