God of War III's sex minigame revealed!

Sex minigames have become a sort of tradition in God of War games; ever since Kratos's infamous encounter with two women in the first game, it's become expected, even mandatory, that he get it on with at least two chicks in every game he stars in. For a little while, though, it looked as though God of War III was going todo away with the concept entirely– and as we played through the game forour reviewwith no simulated offscreen sex in sight, our fears grew that maybe it had.

Luckily, we were wrong. While it happens late in the game, God of War III featuresnot only a button-mashingsex minigame, but one starring no less notable afigure than Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

Above: Interestingly, her husband's practically in the next room the whole time

Better still, while previous sex scenes took your eyes off the action to focus on a rocking vase...

Or a peeing statue...

Or a faintly suggestive candlestick...

God of War III lets you watch Aphrodite's half-naked handmaidens as they gaze longingly (and more than a little melodramatically) at their mistress and Kratosdoing things the ESRB thinks are best left to the imagination.

Above: Videogame softcore at its finest!

Although we can't embed the uncensored videos in our own player due to various policies too boring to describe here, GameTrailers is under no such restrictions. To see the very NSFW action for yourself, check out the video below:

Mar 9, 2010

Mikel Reparaz
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