God of War III to end with "epic bang"

Jan 7, 2008

Kratos's final showdown in God of War III will be satisfyingly super-explosive, according to Cory Barlog. Good!

"The story is going to finish off with a very big, very epic bang..." the director of the second game in the series promises in hisblog. "I think everyone will be quite pleased."

Although Barlog has now parted ways with Sony, he began work on God of War III's plot and design as soon as God of War II was done and dusted. The third game will wrap up the story arc begun in Kratos' stunning debut on PS2.

"I know for the God of War fans out there it might be a bummer that I am not working on God of War III (or for some it may be a good thing I am not) but rest assured that it is all in good hands," says Barlog.

"The Sony Santa Monica team is one of the best teams I have ever worked with."

Courtesy of CVG.