God of War II resurrected

Tuesday 9 May 2006
While PS3 might be making and taking most of the headlines at the moment, Sony is also been keen to re-emphasise its commitment to PS2, particularly in the deity-defying shape of Kratos from God of War II.

The sequel picks up from the climax of the original title and once again sees those treacherous supreme beings, the Greek gods, betray our anti-hero by sending him on another quest to seek out the Sisters of Fate. Along the way Kratos must batter an even greater number of myths and legends, such as the Cerebus and flying Gryphon, into submission.

And defeating each one of these supernatural bosses plays an even greater significance in the game, for their body parts also serve as power-up. So dispatching the Cyclops and plucking out his eye will serve to strengthen Kratos and unlock further goodies in the game.

Of course, Kratos is hardly going into battle unarmed and, along with retaining some of the original game's more spectacular combos, he will also be equipped with a whole new set of moves and magic drawn from the elements.

There is still far more to be revealed about this already stunning-looking sequel and we will dive into a full hands-on just as soon as we sharpen our elbows and plunge again into the E3 throng.