God of War Greeks out

Every primitive society had a name for the god of war: the Romans called him Mars, the Greeks called him Ares and George W calls him Rumsy. But whatever the era, a hero will also emerge to defeat these capricious deities and this time the chap's name is Kratos.

Developed by the same Sony team who brought the world the snarling face of Twisted Metal Black, this story-driven beat-'em-up dabbles in Greek theology but swaps the toga and sandals approach for a plethora of plate armour and a taste for the immortal's blood.

While its plot might be purely classical, the game's influences look contemporary enough, with dismembered parts from The Prince of Persia, Mark of Kri, Devil May Cry and Ico all making an appearance.

With his swords mounted on retractable chains, Kratos will face various Grecian deities and monstrosities from the hideous Medusa and the bull-headed Minotaur, to almost becoming a meal for the aquatic Kraken itself.

Since our hero can also scale rock faces, swim through rivers and even use the snake-headed woman as a weapon, this looks like being an adventure so epic that would it would make Homer blush.

So if you want to support the Grecians today, then click on the screens on your right.

God of War will appear on PS2 in the US in March. A date for UK release has yet to be confirmed but we expect to see it here towards the end of the year