God of War: Ghosts of Sparta confirmed for Nov. 2

It doesn’t seem to take a lot for any new and exclusive PSP game to get its own bundle nowadays, but the God of War: Ghosts of Sparta SKUannounced over at the official PlayStation blogis still a bit of doozy! Officially crashing into retailers on November 2nd,folks who preorder the game will get a crapload of outstanding Kratos-related content. Take a look:

Above: Click to enlarge. Soundtracks, skins and themes - OH MY!

Better still, those who don’t already own a PSP have just been given ample cause to do so. Not only will you receive one of the most eagerly anticipated titles on any PlayStation platform with the Ghosts of Sparta bundle, purchasers will also get a download voucher for one of the highest rated PSP games of all time, God of War: Chains of Olympus. And Good God, would you just look at that Black and Bloody PSP-3000?!

Above: Appeasing the Gods of DO WANT!

The bundle will also include a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and, quite fittingly, a UMD of Matthew Vaughn’s latest movie Kick-Ass!

Set between the first and second God of War games, Ghosts of Sparta will shed light on the untold events between the Gods and the easily upsetable Kratos we’ve all come to love. And as you might expect, it’s already getting praised as the “best game coming to PSP” bycritics like us, which at least makes the total fangasm of a bundle look far more worth the upgrade. Especially,when compared to this upcoming PSP unit.

Above: AreYouReady for Some Football?! Good, 'cause it's gonna cost you

Aug 2, 2010