God Hand impressions

If you manage tomake your enemies dizzy, you can pull of context sensitive moves, like stomping on them, or even turning 'em over your knee and giving them a good spanking (for some reason, Jean only seems to like to do that to female foes.) If you want to kick 'em out of the level (or maybe just kick a dude in the balls) you'll access your "roulette" with the R2 button on the controller. This allows you to launch a special move... but be careful, because you can screw up and end up hurting Jean instead.

Some enemies morph into demons, which you then have to fight all over again. The good news is that these guys sometimes drop special moves when you defeat them. And if it's all too overwhelming, just whip out the titular God Hand; it makes you super speedy and invincible. You can lay down an absurd amount of smack in just a few moments when your fist is glowing.

Its mixture of the usual and the absurd is what gives God Hand its appeal. Don't believe us? Check out the movie by clicking that Movies tab up there and you can drink in the goofiness - including a spanking - for yourself. We're never going to be sure if this mixture of off-the-wall humor and balls-to-the-wall fisticuffs makes any damn sense until we spend more time with it... but we're giving them the benefit of the doubt for now.