God Hand impressions

A couple of months ago, when we first got a chance to check out God Hand, we weren't so sure. The game's M.O. is to mix off-the-wall humor with down-and-dirty fighting. Yeah, it's from the same studio that kicked out the awesome comic-look actioner Viewtiful Joe, but everybody makes mistakes. We're happy to report that things are looking up, though. The version we saw yesterday looks and plays much better. The comedy is also more pronounced, and that Capcom polish - the same sort of slick cinemas you see in Resident Evil and Devil May Cry - is on its way.

Still, we're not without reservations even now. The biggest one, as with so many games, is the camera control. Your main character, Jean, is agile enough. He can dodge with ease, punch and kick with fury, and execute special moves with... camp. Still, it's more than a little tough to get him in position to do any of this stuff, since the camera is ratcheted sharply to his spine, swinging around as he does. We're just going to assume, for now, that it's something you'll have to learn to deal with - just as you learn to not get your ass handed to you by the game's assortment of oddball, but powerful, enemies.