Go! Sudoku review

Addictive puzzling vs Bad Programming 101

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But there’s a hitch. Unless your PSP is plugged into an outlet or the battery is fully charged, there’s a strange "Warning: please wait..." screen that pops up at random intervals during the game and lasts for a good 15 seconds or more before vanishing. This sucks, because said warning screen covers up the entire puzzle when it appears, making it impossible for you to enter a digit or even concentrate on figuring out where the next number should be placed. It's annoying at best and infuriating at worst. How the hell did that get through quality-assurance testing?

This ridiculous glitch is a hindrance when you're playing alone, but becomes especially crippling in the competitive multiplayer mode, where the lowest accumulated time on each puzzle wins. Imagine being the unlucky soul who has to stare at this stupid warning screen, watching precious seconds tick away while you wait for the privilege to actually look at the puzzle again.

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DescriptionThe developers have crafted a supremely playable puzzle game with a decent multiplayer aspect and screwed it up with a tiny bit of bad programming.
US censor rating"Everyone"
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