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Go! Sudoku review

Addictive puzzling vs Bad Programming 101


  • Loads of puzzles to tackle
  • More puzzles to download
  • Decent multiplayer modes


  • Evil bug will drive you insane
  • Downloading new puzzles too complex
  • No way to save mid-puzzle

If you’ve got an itch that a single, newspaper-bound Sudoku puzzle each day just can’t satisfy, then Go! Sudoku is your cure. That or a good, sturdy back-scratcher.

Go! Sudoku is a collection of approximately 1000 different Sudoku puzzles across an array of different difficulty levels, as a competitive or cooperative multiplayer game, or as a single-player time challenge. As a bonus, there are even more puzzles available for download, though the interface to get to them is pretty clunky.

More Info

DescriptionThe developers have crafted a supremely playable puzzle game with a decent multiplayer aspect and screwed it up with a tiny bit of bad programming.
US censor ratingEveryone