Glory of the Roman Empire

What makes the Roman Empire the most fascinating and storied regime in all of history? The Romans were so far ahead of their time that it is nearly impossible to find a social or political issue today where a Roman wouldn't sniff, "been there, done that." At its apogee, the Roman Empire stretched from Great Britain to Constantinople, an impossibly complex social and military achievement 2,000 years ago.

Glory of the Roman Empire simulates the Roman society at a granular level, and enables us to peer closely into this riveting slice of history by giving gamers a comprehensive empire-simulator. History fans finallyget their dream-shot at seeing the ticking clockwork behind the massive republic, and building one of their own.

Far from the Roman nerve center on Palatine Hill, you are free toconstruct yourcity any way you'd like. You'll be tasked with building a Roman city from the ground up. As Governor, you'll have control and responsibility for your citizen's happiness, and will take them from the cradle to the grave.

Provide your people with food, shelter and security - and brutal entertainment inside the coliseum. You can become a master merchant or - failing your diplomacy skills - a victor on the battlefield by raising Roman Legions. You'll be able to not only rule and build with a god's-eye view, but can follow individual citizens as they go about their daily lives by zooming down to street level. Every one of your citizens has a story to tell, and they will unfold during the course of a 30-mission campaign.