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Girls, games and the crap they play

We at GamesRadar love girl gamers. But we hate girl games. Girl games are the kind of thing that appeals to the primordial, reptilian part of the girlbrain that loves cats and sweaters. But more importantly: these games are awful. They play like crap and they’re terrible role models.

Girl games advocate some of the worst life lessons for girls you’ll ever find outside of a truck stop men’s room, with subjects ranging from raising toddlers to applying makeup with a stylus. Sure, Grand Theft Auto might take all the heat for penetrating the moral cocoons of America's youth but it’s the unassuming girl game that is continuously retching out the most bogus and one-dimensional ideals ever copied and pasted out of June Cleaver’s deranged, “wear pearls when you vacuum” mind.

Just look at this garbage...