Ghost Recon Chapter 2 available now

The new content download for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter dropped onto Xbox Live Marketplace for a whopping 1200 Microsoft points ($15) yesterday. This new chapter in the mega-successful Advanced Warfighter saga contains new multiplayer maps, firearms, and faces (to further customize your warfighter) along with retooled versions of the maps that shipped with the original game. For a full description of our hands-on time with the new download, check out ourpreview from last week, complete with videos of each new map.

A similar download is also available for PC, with one major difference... the PC content is free. Still, while it would appear that 360 owners are being asked to shell out 15 bucks for something PC owners get absolutely free, the new content expands the already rich multiplayer game and is totally worth the price.

June 22, 2006