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Ghost of Tsushima weapon upgrade and vendors outlined in new video

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

The Ghost of Tsushima (opens in new tab) weapon upgrades get their moment in a new video from developer Sucker Punch.

The video shared on the official Sucker Punch Twitter account follows protagonist Jin Sakai as he enters a settlement - the Golden Temple - in search of an upgrade for his bow. Setting aside how picturesque the temple interior is (it is going to be a struggle not to spend the majority of each Ghost of Tsushima session in photo mode), the video gives us a look at how Jin will be able to improve his gear throughout the game.

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Jin runs up to the Bowyer at her booth and heads straight into the upgrade menu. Side note: in Japanese, "ya" is a suffix that can be added to certain words to refer to a shop or seller of said item, so you could also call her the Bow-ya (sorry). In the upgrade menu, Jin can spend a certain amount of Bamboo and generic Supplies to have the Bow-ya improve his Half Bow to a Half Bow II. It looks like there's room for five ranks of the weapon in all, and each rank will seemingly confer improvements to a range of six stats.

Among those stats are draw speed, damage, and stability, which are sensible things to upgrade on a bow. It looks like you can also upgrade your bow so it zooms in more which is… interesting to think about, since it doesn't have a scope or anything? It must be a special layer of wood polish that helps bend the distant light so it converges in Jin's pupils. Or maybe it's just a video game thing and I should stop overthinking it.

If you prefer to fight face-to-face, Sucker Punch also showed off more Ghost of Tsushima combat stances (opens in new tab) today.

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