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Get your hands on the Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Plus for 19% less

Get your hands on the Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Plus for 19% less
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If you also feel that the real world is hot garbage because it doesn't have actual Pokemon in it to catch/train/cuddle, we've got good news - Amazon has slashed the price of the Poke Ball Plus for Nintendo Switch by 13%. The controller-prop hybrid has now been discounted to $40.50, and that's a lot more palatable than the $50 it was before Amazon Prime Day kicked in. Although it's just the latest in a line of Amazon Prime Day game deals, it stands out from the rest because this is an accessory that almost never goes on sale. That's also the cheapest its ever been, so we'd advise grabbing it before it's gone.

Poke Ball Plus controller| $40.50 on Amazon (save 13%)
Designed to look like the in-game item, this controller helps you immerse yourself in the world of Pokemon by hurling Poke Balls virtually and in reality (and missing, if you're anything like us).View Deal

Designed for Pokemon Let's Go, the Poke Ball Plus is fitted with motion controls that allow you to simulate yeeting the item at a wild Pokemon (which is obviously very cool). It also lights up, vibrates, and plays the Pokemon's cry when you catch it. It's pretty adorable, and honestly we can't cope. 

In addition, you can take the Poke Ball out and about with you when connected to Pokemon Go. It'll light up when you're near a Poke Stop or wild Pokemon, and pressing the button lets you throw your virtual Poke Ball at whatever happens to be in your digital way. You'll then be able to see whether your attempt was successful through the Poke Ball Plus' LEDs (and all without taking out your cell phone, no less). 

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