Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain

The Butterfly

Coward! (bronze)
Give up or fail the butterfly trial
1) After crawling through the broken glass, exit through the ‘coward’ door.

Electrified (bronze)
Complete the butterfly trial successfully
1) Crawl through the broken glass slowly to avoid taking too much damage.
2) Navigate the electric fences. Look for the ones without a current going through them.

Shrink and Punches

Good Cop (bronze)
Stop Blake from hitting Dupre
1) Intervene before Blake hits the psychiatrist.

Bad Cop (bronze)
Don’t stop Blake from hitting Dupre
1) Stand back and don’t interfere with Blake’s interrogation.

The Lizard

Gold Finger (bronze)
Cut your finger using the axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound
1) Collect the disinfectant from the bathroom cabinet, then the axe, knife or pliers, and put them on the table.
2) Find the iron rod, then heat it up on the gas stove and put it on the table too.
3) Sit down and use the disinfectant, then cut your finger off with your chosen tool.
4) Use the heated iron rod on the wound to cauterize it.

Butcher (bronze)
Cut your finger using the saw or scissors
1) Use the saw or scissors to cut your finger off, and don’t cauterize or disinfect the wound.


Fugitive (bronze)
Manage to escape Blake in the subway station
1) Follow all prompts to push through the traffic.
2) Go down the subway stairs then cross the tracks to escape.

Hands Up! (bronze)
Get arrested by Blake
1) Either get caught in the subway station in this chapter, or let the SWAT team catch you at the motel in ‘On the Loose’.

Jayden%26rsquo;s Blues

Ludwig Von (bronze)
Play the piano without a wrong note
1) Hit every prompt while Norman plays the piano.

Detox (bronze)
Resist triptocane
1) Don’t take the triptocane early on. In the office, choose the ‘resist’ option, flush it in the hotel room.