Heavy Rain Trophy walkthrough and endings guide

If you haven't played through the 'interactive drama' that is David Cage's Heavy Rain before, then you've been given another opportunity to check it out with the free PS Plus games – if you pick up the fancy deluxe edition of Detroit: Become Human from the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection, you'll also receive Heavy Rain as part of the package. Noice!

No two playthroughs of Heavy Rain are the same, and with its branching structure, multiple endings and points at which your character can actually die, seeing everything requires a lot of trial and error – or rather, it used to. Our 100% guide will not only help you nail Heavy Rain’s elusive Platinum Trophy, but ensure you see every possible ending as well. Read on for advice on picking up all of the virtual silverware, or jump ahead to the Endings Guide section if you just need to see all of the conclusions to the story.

Do I need to play the entire game again to get every Trophy?

No. Heavy Rain only allows one save at a time, and keeps a permanent timeline of your choices. If you jump into an early chapter, make significant changes to the plot, and decide to save, all following chapters will be affected, allowing you to change the ending. Don’t worry about making a permanent ‘mistake’ – you can replay and save scenes as often you like. It’s also possible to obtain some ‘non-timeline’ Trophies (such as making the omelette) by choosing not to enable automatic saving when you load up the section. And obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD...


Happy Birthday (Bronze)
Complete the drawing + set the table + play with kids
1) Walk to your office and complete all stages of the house plan. You’ll know you’ve finished them all when Ethan signs his name.
2) Slowly place the plates on the table without breaking them.
3) Play with the kids. When you have one on your shoulders, make sure you complete a whole lap of the garden.

Interactive Drama (Bronze)
Thank you for supporting interactive drama
1) Complete the prologue.

Father and Son

Good Father (Bronze)
Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood
1) Give Shaun a snack at 4:30. Chips from the cupboard, or an orange from the fruit bowl.
2) At 6:00, make Shaun do his homework, even if he protests. Check it when he’s done.
3) At 7:00, ask Shaun if he wants dinner. Then go to the fridge and choose pizza or chicken.
4) At 8:00, tell Shaun he has to go to bed.
5) Fetch his Teddy from the laundry room next to the kitchen. Give it to him, then tuck him in.

Sleazy Place

White Knight (Bronze)
Beat Troy
1) When Troy pushes past you in the hallway, follow him into Lauren’s room. Win the fight sequence to unlock the Trophy.

Private Eye (Bronze)
Lead Lauren to talk about her son
1) Choose the following dialogue options when they appear during Lauren’s interview, in order: ‘Compassionate’, then ‘Trick’.

Crime Scene

FBI Investigator (Bronze)
Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene
1) Follow the orchid pollen trail with the ARI (R1) to the muddy hill.
2) Climb the muddy hill and scan the tire tracks.
3) Scan every clue around the kid’s body under the tent.

The Park

Good Friends (Bronze)
Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy
1) Throw the boomerang with Shaun by investigating his backpack by the bench.
2) Push Shaun on the swings, or play on the see-saw or the roundabout.
3) Buy Shaun some candy from the vendor near the merry-go-round.

Welcome, Norman!

Got to Remember! (Bronze)
Remember what time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing
1) When asked the time, pick 4:15pm.
2) When asked about his clothes, pick ‘beige coat’ and ‘green pants’.

Hassan's Shop

Negotiator (Bronze)
Persuade the robber to leave
1) Either get caught trying to sneak up on the robber, or approach him.
2) Put your hands up and tell him to calm down.
3) Tell him your name, then ask him to put the gun down.


VIP (Bronze)
Leave home without being spotted by the journalists
1) Exit through the back door of Ethan’s house and jump over the fence to the right.
2) Go through the alleyway, get into your car and drive away.

Lexington Station

Agoraphobia (Bronze)
Knock down at least 50 passers-by
1) When everyone freezes during Ethan’s panic attack, knock 50 people over by running into them. You only have a short period of time to do this.

Lucky Locker (Bronze)
Find the correct locker on the first try
1) Go to row 18 and find locker 3. It’s at the top.


Blunder (Bronze)
Shoot Nathaniel
1) Press R1 to shoot Nathaniel.

Self Control (Bronze)
Do not shoot Nathaniel
1) Do not press R1 to shoot Nathaniel.

Suicide Baby

Baby Master (Bronze)
Make no mistakes taking care of the baby
1) Wash your hands.
2) Change the diaper and prepare the bottle.
3) Rock the baby to sleep and put her back in the crib. Any mistakes (like making too sudden a movement and waking the baby) will prevent you earning the Trophy.

The Bear

Kamikaze (Bronze)
Choose the best path on the highway
1) Follow this EXACT path during the trial: left, right, left, left at the barrier, right at the cars, right, right at the toll booth, right, then left.
2) Make sure you avoid hitting the police car by tilting the controller to the right.

Good Driver (Bronze)
Complete the bear trial successfully
1) Finish the trial. You can make a few mistakes, but too many and you’ll crash and fail.

Covered Market

Cat & Mouse (Bronze)
Beat Korda in the cold storage
1) Hit all the prompts to beat Korda.

Kramer's Party

Tough Guy (Bronze)
Defeat Gordi’s bodyguards
1) Hit all the prompts to beat the bodyguards.

The Butterfly

Coward! (Bronze)
Give up or fail the butterfly trial
1) After crawling through the broken glass, exit through the ‘coward’ door.

Electrified (Bronze)
Complete the butterfly trial successfully
1) Crawl through the broken glass slowly to avoid taking too much damage.
2) Navigate the electric fences. Look for the ones without a current going through them.

Shrink and Punches

Good Cop (Bronze)
Stop Blake from hitting Dupre
1) Intervene before Blake hits the psychiatrist.

Bad Cop (Bronze)
Don’t stop Blake from hitting Dupre
1) Stand back and don’t interfere with Blake’s interrogation.

The Lizard

Gold Finger (Bronze)
Cut your finger using the axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound
1) Collect the disinfectant from the bathroom cabinet, then the axe, knife or pliers, and put them on the table.
2) Find the iron rod, then heat it up on the gas stove and put it on the table too.
3) Sit down and use the disinfectant, then cut your finger off with your chosen tool.
4) Use the heated iron rod on the wound to cauterize it.

Butcher (Bronze)
Cut your finger using the saw or scissors
1) Use the saw or scissors to cut your finger off, and don’t cauterize or disinfect the wound.


Fugitive (Bronze)
Manage to escape Blake in the subway station
1) Follow all prompts to push through the traffic.
2) Go down the subway stairs then cross the tracks to escape.

Hands Up! (Bronze)
Get arrested by Blake
1) Either get caught in the subway station in this chapter, or let the SWAT team catch you at the motel in On The Loose.

Jayden's Blues

Ludwig Von (Bronze)
Play the piano without a wrong note
1) Hit every prompt while Norman plays the piano.

Detox (Bronze)
Resist triptocane
1) Don’t take the triptocane early on. In the office, choose the ‘resist’ option, flush it in the hotel room.

Under Arrest

Wise Guy (Bronze)
Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan
1) When Blake’s finished his questioning, go opposite the interrogation room and switch off the video camera before busting Ethan out.

The Shark

I’m a Killer! (Bronze)
Kill the drug dealer
1) When given the option to save or kill the dealer, shoot him.

I’m not a Killer! (Bronze)
Do not kill the drug dealer
1) Don’t shoot the dealer. Avoid his shotgun blasts until the scene ends.

The Doc

Smart Girl (Bronze)
Do not drink the doc’s beverage
1) Accept the drink, but don’t take a sip when prompted.

Queen of Ropes (Bronze)
Escape before the doc returns
1) When the doorbell rings, follow the prompts to break free of the ropes with the drill.

Mad Jack

Goodbye Mad Jack (Bronze)
Survive the fights against Mad Jack
1) Search the garage until you find the acid bath. This will start a fight.
2) During the fight, ignore the option to take the triptocane.
3) You’ll wake up in your car heading for the crusher. Survive the battle to get the Trophy.


The Chef (Bronze)
Prepare a good omelette on time
1) Get the eggs from the fridge and place the pan on the stove.
2) Crack the eggs into the pan and stir them until they’re no longer transparent.
3) Remove the eggs from the stove before Lauren gets out of the shower.


I’m Not Scared! (Bronze)
Follow your brother without making a mistake
1) Don’t miss any prompts as you move through the building site.

Sexy Girl

Pride Saved (Bronze)
Take off no more than one item of clothing during the striptease
1) Remove one piece of clothing, then select the option to grab the lamp to end the striptease.

On The Loose

Unforgivable (Bronze)
Do not forgive Madison
1) When you discover Madison’s real motives, don’t forgive her.

Lover boy (Bronze)
Forgive Madison
1) When you discover Madison’s real motives, forgive her.

Escape Master (Bronze)
Escape the police at the motel
1) Evade the cops until you reach the roof of the motel.
2) When given the option, jump off the roof to escape.


Swimming Instructor (Bronze)
Save Lauren under the water
1) Remove Lauren’s seat belt BEFORE kicking the window.

Face to Face

Invincible Scott (Bronze)
Do not get shot in Kramer’s villa
1) Don’t miss ANY prompts during the action sequence.

Kind Hearted (Bronze)
Give Kramer his medicine
1) When Kramer has a heart attack, go over to his desk and pick up the medicine.
2) Walk over to Kramer and use the medicine.

The Rat

Sacrifice (Bronze)
Drink the poison
1) Pick up the vial and drink the poison.

Clever Dad (Bronze)
Work out where Shaun is held
1) Choose ‘852 Theodore Roosevelt Road’ on Ethan’s GPS. You can ONLY get this Trophy if you’ve failed one or more of the trials.

Killer's Place

Cold as Ice (Bronze)
Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge
1) Make your way through the fire into the kitchen.
2) Remove everything from the fridge, then get inside to escape the blast.

The Old Warehouse

Simple Mind (Bronze)
Save the Origami Killer before he falls
1) During the fight on the conveyor belt, the killer will slip. Choose to rescue him.

So Close... (Bronze)
Reach the end with all characters... and fail
1) Let Jayden die on the conveyor belt battle.
2) Fail Madison’s motorcycle sequence.
3) Put Shaun down to open the door.

Non Scene-specific Trophies

Four Heroes (Silver)
Complete the story with four characters alive
1) Finish the game with Ethan, Madison, Jayden and Shaun alive.
2) Ethan must avoid arrest and figure out the address of the warehouse from the clues.
3) Madison must survive the scene in the doctor’s basement, find the address on the laptop and escape the burning apartment.
4) Jayden must survive the Mad Jack encounter, and either find the killer’s identity by locating all of the ARI clues (see ‘Nerd’) or getting a call from Madison.

Heavy Rain Hero (Bronze)
Finish Heavy Rain
1) Finish the game with any ending.

Trial Master (Silver)
Succeed in all Ethan’s trials
1) Drive for five miles down the wrong side of the highway without failing.
2) Get through the broken glass and ALL of the electric fences.
3) Cut off your finger.
4) Kill the drug dealer.
5) Drink the poison.

Perfect Crime (Gold)
Clean Manfred’s shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden
1) See instructions in the Endings Guide below.

Nerd (Silver)
Find all clues using ARI and find the Origami Killer
1) Scan EVERY clue in all three crime scenes (the "wasteland," Mad Jack’s junkyard, and the office in the Blue Lagoon) and combine them to discover the killer’s identity back at police HQ.

Saved the Kid (Silver) Save Shaun
1) Save Shaun from the warehouse as Ethan, Madison or Jayden.

All Endings (Gold) See all endings
1) Watch every possible ending (see Endings Guide below).

Endings Guide

To collect all the endings in Heavy Rain, you need to complete scenes in certain ways so the right conclusions play into the overall outcome of the story. You can then use chapter select to jump back to a specific point in the story and start changing things, but remember that you need to play through the rest of the game from that point in order for those changes to affect the endings you receive. To begin with, earn the Perfect Crime Trophy by following the instructions for Endings 1, then work your way through the rest of the ending sets in order - do not change the order in which you complete these ending sets or you may miss one or more of them and require further playthroughs.

Endings 1 (Perfect Crime Trophy)
Epilogues: A New Start, Dead Heroine, Uploaded, Unpunished
1) In Hassan's Shop, stand back and let the robber kill Hassan.
2) In Fugitive, let Ethan get arrested.
3) In Manfred, wipe away ALL of the fingerprints in the antiques shop.
4) In On The Loose, forgive Madison after discovering her secret, then escape.
5) In Trapped, do not save Lauren when you’re escaping from the car underwater.
6) In Face To Face, do not give Kramer his heart medicine.
7) In Killer's Place, do nothing and wait for the scene to end.
8) In The Old Warehouse, fail to follow the prompts when Jayden confronts the Origami Killer, and have Ethan rescue Shaun.

Endings 2
Epilogues: A New Life, Origami’s Grave, Case Closed
1) In Killer’s Place, find the warehouse address on the laptop (password is 'Max') and escape the blaze, then call Ethan and tell him where the warehouse is located.
2) In The Old Warehouse, let Ethan save Shaun, and get Madison to tell him about the police outside. Have Jayden beat the Origami Killer in the conveyor fight, but save him from death by pulling him up when he slips.

Endings 3 (So Close... Trophy)
Epilogues: Ethan’s Grave, Heroine (#1)
1) In The Old Warehouse, fail every event. Jayden dies, Madison does not warn Ethan about the police and he’s shot dead.

Endings 4
Epilogues: Origami Blues, Smoking Mirror
1) In The Rat, don’t drink the poison and fail to guess the address of the warehouse correctly.
2) In Solving The Puzzle, make Jayden give up the investigation.
3) In Killer's Place, kill Madison by failing to escape from the fire.

Endings 5
Epilogues: Tears in the Rain
1) In Killer’s Place, don’t locate the address on the laptop but escape from the fire.

Endings 6
Epilogues: Helpless, Square One, A Mother’s Revenge
1) In On The Loose, kiss Madison and forgive her, then get caught by the SWAT team by not jumping off the building at the end.
2) In Trapped, don’t let Lauren die.
3) In Solving The Puzzle, make Jayden fail to identify the killer.
4) In Killer’s Place, don’t locate the address on the laptop but escape from the fire.

Endings 7
Epilogues: Innocent, Heroine (#2), Resignation
1) In Killer's Place, find the warehouse address on the laptop (password is 'Max') and escape the blaze, but don’t call anyone.
2) In The Old Warehouse, have Madison save Shaun and have the Origami Killer survive the fight scene.

That's all the endings covered, and if you've done everything else then the Platinum Trophy should be yours - congratulations!

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