Get every trophy and ending in Heavy Rain

No one game of Heavy Rain is the same. With its branching structure, multiple endings and points at which your character can actually die, seeing everything requires a lot of trial and error – or rather, it used to. Our 100% guide will not only help you nail Heavy Rain’s elusive Platinum Trophy, but ensure you see every ending possible.

Do I need to play the entire game again to get every trophy?

No. Heavy Rain only allows one save at a time, and keeps a permanent timeline of your choices. If you jump into an early chapter, make significant changes to the plot, and decide to save, all following chapters will be affected, allowing you to change the ending. Don’t worry about making a permanent ‘mistake’ – you can replay and save scenes as often you like. It’s also possible to obtain some ‘non-timeline’ Trophies (such as making the omelette) by choosing not to enable automatic saving when you load up the section. And obviously:


Happy Birthday (bronze)
Complete the drawing + set the table + play with kids
1) Walk to your office and complete all stages of the house plan. You’ll know you’ve finished them all when Ethan signs his name.
2) Slowly place the plates on the table without breaking them.
3) Play with the kids. When you have one on your shoulders, make sure you complete a whole lap of the garden.

Interactive Drama (bronze)
Thank you for supporting interactive drama
1) Complete the prologue.

Father and Son

Good Father (bronze)
Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood
1) Give Shaun a snack at 4:30. Chips from the cupboard, or an orange from the fruit bowl.
2) At 6:00, make Shaun do his homework, even if he protests. Check it when he’s done.
3) At 7:00, ask Shaun if he wants dinner. Then go to the fridge and choose pizza or chicken.
4) At 8:00, tell Shaun he has to go to bed.
5) Fetch his Teddy from the laundry room next to the kitchen. Give it to him, then tuck him in.

Sleazy Place

White Knight (bronze)
Beat Troy
1) When Troy pushes past you in the hallway, follow him into Lauren’s room. Win the fight sequence to unlock the Trophy.

Private Eye (bronze)
Lead Lauren to talk about her son
1) Choose the following dialogue options when they appear during Lauren’s interview, in order: ‘Compassionate’, then ‘Trick’.

Crime Scene

FBI Investigator (bronze)
Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene
1) Follow the orchid pollen trail with the ARI (R1) to the muddy hill.
2) Climb the muddy hill and scan the tire tracks.
3) Scan every clue around the kid’s body under the tent.

The Park

Good Friends (bronze)
Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy
1) Throw the boomerang with Shaun by investigating his backpack by the bench.
2) Push Shaun on the swings, or play on the see-saw or the roundabout.
3) Buy Shaun some candy from the vendor near the merry-go-round.

Welcome, Norman!

Got to Remember! (bronze)
Remember what time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing
1) When asked the time, pick 4:15pm.
2) When asked about his clothes, pick ‘beige coat’ and ‘green pants’.

Hassan%26rsquo;s Shop

Negotiator (bronze)
Persuade the robber to leave
1) Either get caught trying to sneak up on the robber, or approach him.
2) Put your hands up and tell him to calm down.
3) Tell him your name, then ask him to put the gun down.