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Get enslaved by heavenly gameplay footage from Ninja Theory's DMC reboot

There hasn't been a huge amount of information on Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot besides some backpedaling on Capcom's part as to whether or not it's a real reboot, or simply a sequel starring an alternate Dante in an alternate dimension. Today, we know just a little bit more. Ninja Theory has released a few minutes of gameplay footage that shows off the game's new combat, new locations, and new (sorta emo-looking) protagonist.

The reboot is starting to look like a combination of Devil May Cry's visuals, Heavenly Sword's combat, and Enslaved's characters, which isn't something we're all that upset by. On the contrary - we're happy to see that Ninja Theory has found ways to mix Enslaved and Heavenly Sword into DMC - after those games failed to sell, this might be the only way we'll ever see anything close to a sequel.

But the question remains: will this DMC have enough Devil May Cry to satiate rabid fans? Odds are it won't be, simply because it features a younger protagonist, but we'll remain optimistic that it'll be good enough to bring them around eventually.