George A Romero's latest zombie flick to debut in Toronto

Diary is the latest in the long-line of George A Romero's Of The Dead flicks. But don't expect another Night, Dawn, Day or even Land - it's a radical shake-up of the format, which sees a bunch of students shooting a horror film in some woods, when their effects budget quickly becomes unnecessary after the dead rise.

George is trying to distance Diary Of The Dead from his previous zombie epics, stating: "It's not a sequel or a remake, it's a whole new beginning for the dead."

We love you George, but if that's the case, maybe it's time to rethink the title. After all, if it's not a sequel or a remake, what the bloody hell is it? Fans can decide for themselves by buying a ticket to The Toronto Intl. Film Festiva, where Diary makes its debut, sometime between 6 - 15 September.

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