Genshin Impact players are getting absolutely pulverized by neon dinosaurs in update 3.6

Genshin Impact
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As part of update 3.6, Genshin Impact recently changed the enemies in a few floors of the endgame Spiral Abyss dungeon, and the new lineup is filled with Consecrated Beasts that are absolutely taking names. 

Floor 12 - 1 of the Spiral Abyss has become particularly infamous since the dungeon reset. This is usually a relatively short and easy floor (for players at high levels of character investment, anyway), but both the first and second half are now split into multiple waves of tanky enemies, with the final round of both halves being two Consecrated Beasts with about a zillion health and nothing but scorn for your characters. 

Consecrated Beasts are elemental creatures normally found in Sumeru, and they're incomparably more dangerous and aggressive than basically everything else in the game. Seriously, a Consecrated Beast could probably kill most world bosses. They almost feel like enemies from another, much faster game. They're not much of a threat in the open-world, but Spiral Abyss enemies are intentionally strengthened, and the beasts on 12 - 1 are juiced the hell up. They can wombo-combo you to hell and back, stunlocking or one-shotting even fully leveled characters through healing and shielding. Naturally, this has inspired some great memes. 

What is this sorcery? 😔 from r/Genshin_Memepact
I swear these beasts have higher DPS than my team's from r/Genshin_Memepact
Current floor 12 experience from r/Genshin_Memepact
New Abyss be like from r/Genshin_Memepact

If you're among the many players struggling with this Spiral Abyss rotation, I'd recommend building teams specifically to counter floor 12 - 1 without worrying about the later floors. You can earn a full nine-star rating floor-by-floor over multiple runs, which makes it easier to include more shielding, extra healing, or elemental reactions like freeze, which may not be as valuable in 12 - 2 and 12 - 3. Once you clear 12 - 1 quickly with any team, you can take your time on follow-up runs while focusing on later floors.   

If survivability isn't the problem and you're just not dealing enough damage to kill the Consecrated Beasts in time, try hugging the wall of the arena so they naturally group up on you. This will make it more difficult to dodge their attacks – though elemental burst i-frames can help with that – but it can make your AoE abilities a lot more effective.

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