Genshin Impact now tracks all your free Primogems down to the minute you earned them

Genshin Impact update 2.2
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How many free Primogems do you get in Genshin Impact? A newly released account tracker called the Traveler's Diary answers that and more.

MiHoYo announced the Traveler's Diary this week, describing it as a way to "check the amount of Primogems and Mora that you have obtained in the last three months and how you obtained them." You need to download and log into the company's HoYoLab mobile app to access this feature, but the information on offer is well worth the minor setup. 

For now, the Traveler's Diary tracks your last three months of Primogem and Mora earnings – this window may expand in the future to match the in-game Wish tracker, for instance, but we don't know for sure. Because free Primogems are tracked monthly, this tool isn't a perfect reflection of Genshin Impact's six-week patches, but this app is still quite useful. You can see where your Primogems came from – mail rewards, activities, events, exploration, and more – and if you open up the details page, you can even see exactly when you obtained each and every Primogem and Mora, right down the minute. 

Players have tracked free rewards on their own for some time, but this officially quantifies exactly how many Primogems players can earn just by playing the game. This doesn't account for the individual Acquainted and Intertwined Fates given out (which are automatically stored as free wishes), but those are relatively few and far between compared to chunks of Primogems, so this is still a decent representation of how many Wishes free-to-play players can earn. 

Let's look at update 2.1. Update 2.2 is just a few days old, so most of the free Primogems given out in October thus far can be attributed to update 2.1, as can the lion's share of September. With those two figures combined, we can get a rough Primogem total for the previous patch cycle. Assuming you completed all the events and explored the majority of the new areas, you would've raked in something in the range of 10,000 to 11,000 Primogems, or around 60 to 70 Wishes. This figure was boosted by the 1,600 Primogem anniversary mail reward, putting it above the rough average of 50 Wishes per patch. If you add in the free Fates from fixtures like the Inazuma sakura tree, update 2.1 basically gave out a five-star character assuming you measure against the soft pity of 75 Wishes, which isn't half bad. 

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