Genshin Impact house design competition sounds like competitive Animal Crossing

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact is holding a house designing competition that sure sounds like competitive Animal Crossing.

Just below, you can see a tweet from the official Genshin Impact Twitter account earlier today on June 9. As per the tweet, developer miHoYo is going to be holding a special "Appreciation of Serenitea" event, that's slated to kick off later this week on June 11.

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Currently, we don't know any further details about the competition itself. But, the new event is being referred to as a "contest" by the official Genshin Impact Twitter account in the statement above, so it's only natural to infer that the developer is holding a competition to see who can make the best use of their housing plot.

If you're unfamiliar with the housing plot itself, Genshin Impact's previous 1.5 update added in a feature called the Serenitea Pot for players to earn and unlock. It turns out that this is actually a plot of land entirely for the player to use however they see fit, and we've already seen creations where players have managed to construct entire castles and lush villas on the plot of land.

But who's going to emerge as the best house designer in all of Teyvat? Hopefully we'll hear more details of the forthcoming competition soon, but there's not long to wait at all until the contest itself actually starts on June 11, which coincidentally is when the next big update for Genshin Impact actually launches on all platforms.

Update 1.6, as it's been dubbed, is going to add a slate of new features to miHoYo's ever-evolving game. For starters, you'll actually be able to invite a companion to hang out on your Serenitea Pot, and spend some time getting to know them as their Friend Rank increases and new conversation options reveal themselves. Could this companion be factored into the upcoming competition?

Elsewhere in the new 1.6 update, there's the Midsummer Island Adventure event. This new event is actually story-based, and resolves around Klee, as four main narrative-driven quests unlock for players to undertake over four total weeks. Each week, we'll see a new part of Klee's storyline, which is set to involve sailing and battles at sea with pirate forts.

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