Genshin Impact 3.2 and Nahida banner release time explained

Genshin Impact
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The long-awaited Genshin Impact Nahida banner is tied directly to the launch of update 3.2, which means its exact release time is slightly up in the air. 

The Nahida banner will be live as soon as Genshin Impact servers return following planned downtime for update 3.2, which should be between 7:30 and 8pm PT / 10:30 and 11pm ET on Tuesday, November 1, or 2:30 - 3am BT which is technically early November 2. 

Update 3.2 is scheduled for November 2, but that schedule is set by Hoyoverse using China's clock, which means Western players will get to play a day ahead of the listed time. Patch downtime also often ends sooner than announced, so if all goes well, we may be rolling for Nahida extra early.

Nahida will debut alongside a rerun banner for Yoimiya, with both banners featuring the same four-star characters: Bennett, Noelle, and Razor. Per our updated Genshin Impact character tier list, Bennett is still one of the best characters in the entire game, so it's always nice to see him make an appearance. Noelle and Razor, however, don't have any real synergy with Yoimiya apart from Noelle's minor shielding. Likewise, Razor's minimal electro damage would only benefit slightly from Nahida's Dendro abilities, so this is a fairly weak four-star lineup altogether. 

Nahida and Yoimiya will run alongside a new weapon banner featuring their best-in-slot five-star options. For Nahida, that's the new catalyst A Thousand Floating Dreams, while Yoimiya fans can chase the Thunder Pulse bow. Interestingly, the weapon banner also has excellent four-star alternatives for both characters: the Widsith catalyst for Nahida, and Rust for Yoimiya. Genshin Impact weapon banners are notoriously cruel, but assuming you like both Nahida and Yoimiya, this one does offer decent value for your spare Primogems. 

If you're still on the fence on the Genshin Impact Nahida banner, or you're looking to get in some last-minute pre-farming, check out the full Nahida ascension and kit breakdown that was recently released. And if you're just looking to cry, watch her official teaser trailer.

Ahead of Nahida's banner, Scaramouche and Faruzan have been announced for Genshin Impact 3.3. 

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