Genital game can’t penetrate Xbox LIVE, but you can still download it for free

Privates, the shoot ‘em up that has you leading an army of sperm-like soldiers into hostile vaginas and anuses won’t be releases on Xbox LIVE as originally planned. “It’s a shame, but it’s something we’d always pretty much assumed would happen,” says Dan Marshall of Zombie Cow Studios.

The developer was informed that the game wouldn’t pass Microsoft’s Indie Games Peer Review process due to the sexual nature of the title. You can check out the trailer for a peak at this title that’s too hot for XBLA – and if you’re interested, the PC version is available to download for free

Above: A toll booth outside a vagina in Privates. If you want to try it, you canhead hereto download it for free

Above: A trailer for Privates

Sep 17, 2010

Source:Zombie Cow Studios