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Geek uses games to "cheat" girls

Oct 18, 2007

You might remember Adam Lyons from his stint as G-Team Geek on Sky One's cringeworthy videogames show, Gamezville. Well, now he's back, with the admirable mission of getting gamers laid.

Lyons is, apparently, an expert in 'sarging'. That's the rather dodgy technique of using pre-prepared approaches, phrases and other conversational tricks in order to get personal with a pretty lady.

See, Lyons reckons he can... Well, why don't we just let his press release speak for itself:

"After years spent cracking the hardest games, he decided to turn his attention to finding the cheat codes to getting girls. Using simple systems and word games, he has managed to break down his system into a simplified formula that is duplicable by all."