Gears of War: Ultimate Edition patch should soothe your Boomshot headaches

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition might be based on an old game, but that doesn't mean it didn't bring new problems with it - mostly in the game's subtly altered multiplayer component. Thankfully, a new 5GB(!) patch has been released to fix the most complained-about problems in the remaster.

Chief among them is the shaky hit detection on the Boomshot weapon - before now, you could fire it at an enemy's legs and they'd shrug it off like you'd flicked yoghurt at them - but here's a full list, from the Gears of War website, that explains just what's been tweaked in the code department:

• Kills in Social playlists now also count towards the ‘Seriously’ achievement
• Improvements to Boomshot hit registration
• Addressed some matchmaking issues that caused long wait times
• Improvements to hit registration on downed enemies (sponging)
• Small improvements to the Left Trigger Issue
• Fixed hit detection when shooting an enemy in cover against the top pillars on Clocktower
• Removed POI on Right Stick for Alternate Control Scheme
• Bug fixes and general improvements

There are also a fair few changes to the game's multiplayer playlists, designed to combat quitters in the new Blitz mode, reward the hard work of those who win the game's ultra-tough Execution matches, and more:

• Increased Execution XP to better match the gain in other modes
• Moved Blitz from Competitive to Social
• Added a new Competitive TDM playlist
• Returned Warzone as a permanent playlist
• Returned Assassination as a playlist for a limited time

Hopefully, all of this is giving Rod Fergusson's Coalition studio a firm grounding in what works and doesn't work in mutliplayer - we'll be hoping for an equally epochal new competitive mode when Gears of War 4 rolls around.

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Joe Skrebels
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