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Xbox 360 | Submitted by JaninaHough

Giant Fire Breathing Golden Chicken

Act 1, Chapter 1

In the first mission where there are four tubes, two on each side, yell in all four tubes by standing in front of them. The last tube you yell in, a chicken will come out. Shoot the chicken, and it will turn into a giant, golden fire breathing chicken. To destroy it, just shoot it until confetti comes out and it will disappear.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by xJmzBx

Fire Extinguisher On Checkout

Checkout multiplayer map

On Checkout, if you activate one the alarms on the walls around the map a set of double doors in the electronics department will open. Behind them is a box you can break that contains a fire extinguisher that you can pick up and use.


Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

RAAM's Shadow DLC Achievements

Welcome To Zeta (25 points)
Completed "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign.

Some Friendly Competition (25 points)
Completed "RAAM's Shadow" in Arcade Campaign.

Help From My Friends (25 points)
Completed "RAAM's Shadow" in 4 player co-op.

Finger of Doom (15 points)
As RAAM, ripped 50 Gears to shreds with your Kryll.

I'm Rubber, You're Glue (15 points)
Used the Mauler shield to kill 10 Gears that had the temerity to fire upon you and your General.

Death from Above (15 points)
Showed 50 Locusts the meaning of sky-fire with HOD Command Center.

Unarmed and Dangerous (15 points)
Ignored all Loader safety guidelines and killed 10 Locusts.

Ghosts from the Past (15 points)
Honored the memory of Zeta Squad in 10 matches of Versus.

Foreshadowing (25 points)
As RAAM, made sure Minh never forgets that day outside the House of Sovereigns.

Zeta Team, Go! (75 points)
Defeated the first 10 waves of Horde with every member of Zeta in your party.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

Horde Command Pack DLC Achievements

The Host with the Most (25 points)
Host a private Horde Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map (any difficulty).

Places to See, People to Destroy (25 points)
Host a private Beast Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack map (any difficulty).

What Does This Button Do? (50 points)
Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde (any map, any difficulty).

It's Hammer Time! (50 points)
Achieve Level 4 in Horde Command Center fortifications.

Kill Locust (Like a Boss) (100 points)
Defeat a Boss Wave as 5 Onyx Guards (Hardcore difficulty).

Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

Xbox Live Avatar Awards

Single and Multiplayer modes

Horde Shirt: Get the "Welcome to Horde mode" achievement.

Locust Drone Mask: Get the "Welcome to Beast Mode" achievement.

Marcus' Doo-rag: Beat the campaign on any difficulty.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

Unlockable Mutators

Single and Multiplayer modes

Big Explosions: In any mode, unlock the Hail Mary ribbon 100 times.

Big Head: In Horde Mode, unlock the Gold Horder medal.

Comet: In Versus Mode, unlock the Gold Shock Trooper medal.

Enemy Regeneration: In Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver Afficianado medal.

Flower Blood: In Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver King of Cog medal.

Friendly Fire: In Co-op Campaign, complete the co-op campaign with four players.

Infinite Ammo: In Horde Mode, unlock the Combat Engineer ribbon 100 times.

Instagib Melee: In Beast Mode, play as a Wretch and score 200 kills.

Laugh Track: Unlock the Bronze Tour of Duty, For the Horde, I’m a Beast, and Warmonger medals.

Must Active Reload: Unlock the Silver Active Reloader medal.

Pinata: In Beast Mode, unlock the Gold Investor medal.

Super Reload: In Versus Mode, unlock the Bronze Master at Arms medal.

Vampire: In Versus Mode, unlock the Executioner ribbon 100 times.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

Unlockable Characters


COG Gear: Reach Level 2.

Miner: Reach Level 3.

Samantha Byrne: Reach Level 4.

Beast Rider: Reach Level 5.

Dizzy Wallin: Reach Level 7.

Hunter: Reach Level 8.

Jace Stratton: Reach Level 10.

Theron Guard: Reach Level 12.

Clayton Carmine: Reach Level 14.

Classic Dom: Reach Level 17.

Spotter: Reach Level 20.

Classic Cole: Reach Level 23.

Flame Grenadier: Reach Level 26.

Classic Baird: Reach Level 30.

Benjamin Carmine: Reach Level 34.

Grenadier: Reach Level 39.

Civilian Anya: Reach Level 45.

Colonel Hoffman: Reach Level 50.

Hunter Elite: Reach Level 60.

Anthony Carmine: Reach Level 75.

Golden Gear: Receive the bronze War Supporter medal.

Sniper: Receive the bronze Headshot medal.

Classic Marcus: Receive the silver Veteran medal.

Superstar Cole: Receive the gold MVP medal.

Golden Hunter: Receive the gold Master-at-Arms medal.

Golden Miner: Receive the gold Rifleman medal.

Kantus: Receive the gold Medic medal.

Aaron Griffin: Receive the Big Money Onyx Medal or “Like” the Gears of War 3 Facebook page to get an unlock code.

Savage Theron Guard: Complete Beast Mode without failing, on all difficulties.

Chairman Prescott: Receive the silver Allfathers medal.

Unarmored Marcus: Finish the campaign on any difficulty level.

Adam Fenix: Preorder code with purchase of the Gears of War 3 Limited or Epic Edition.

Cole Train: Play the multiplayer beta.

Commando Dom: Preorder code from GameStop.

Mechanic Baird: Preorder code from Best Buy.

Savage Grenadier Elite: Preorder code from Walmart.

Savage Kantus: Preorder code from

Xbox 360 | Submitted by D4RK C0MM4ND3R

Respect The Dead Secret Achievement

Campaign- Act 4 Chapter 1 (Ashes to ashes)

Do not destroy (touch or shoot) any dead ash people along the way to griffin's building. If it's broken up by ashman traps or polyps it doesn't effect the achievement. Before you walk to griffin's office at the end,

look right and you will see a women. She welcomes you to get inside Griffin's weapon stash and the achievement is unlocked.

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