GDC: XNA - creating tomorrow's game developers?

Microsoft and XNA developer Torpex have shared their hopes for the XNA development platform, which they say will help create the game developers of tomorrow.

Torpex Games' Bill Dugan, who is currently developing the first Xbox Live Arcadetitle created with XNA Schizoid, points the platform's appeal at people with no programming experience but interest in learning. "I grew up with the F2 and it was easy to type commands in basic and watch them take shape," he says. "I found it addictive and that's what got me in to programming in the first place."

He continues: "So it might be that [XNA] is going to be a facilitator to help people learn in the first place, because XNA Game Studio is obviously a far more accessible way to do anything than C++."

XNA Game Studio is currently available as a free downloadfrom Microsoft's website, and allows wannabe programmers to create Windows and (for a fee) Xbox 360 games with support from tutorials and template assets.

March 6, 2007