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GDC: Mizuguchi's new XBLA game

Q Entertainment - that of Lumines Live! And Every Extend Extra fame - is to reveal a new Xbox Live Arcade game at this week's GDC in San Francisco.

The company previously released the much-anticipated Lumines Live! onto the service, which was greeted with a reception of controversy due to its pricey 'package' structure.

The exact identity of the new title is shrouded in mystery at the moment, though persistent rumor is expectedly bellowing claims that cult-classic music-shooter Rez is up for an Arcade re-working - which would admittedly make us wet our pants.

Above: Here's hoping that Q's next XBLA game packs all the fun of Lumines Live!, without the crazy pricing structure

But for all we know it could be a totally original piece of work, despite how good Every Extend Extra Arcade would look on our HD TV in the office.

Look out later this week when we'll reveal the identity of Q's new download title, along with our first inevitably gushing impressions.

March 5, 2007