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Gastly news; 1.3 BILLION Ghost types were caught during Pokemon Go's five day Halloween event

If you spent Halloween with your head buried in Pokemon Go again because of all that sweet bonus candy, you absolutely weren't alone. The influx of Ghost type 'mon meant that more than 1.3 billion of the nine creepy Pokemon were caught during the promotion in only five days. That's a hell of a lot of Pokeballs per day. According to Niantic, Gastly was the most popular 'mon followed by Cubone and Drowzee. 

When I visited Niantic last week, CEO John Hanke revealed that there is a secret currently hiding in Pokemon Go but he wasn't telling me anything about it. I attempted to find out if it came with the Halloween update or had already been there but he wasn't giving anything away. There's still plenty of reasons to play post-Halloween update though, the current bonus reward promotion means there's slews of items on Pokestops and almost overwhelming amounts of Pokemon. I've had an unfortunate influx of Mr Mimes. The horror....

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