Gas Powered Games implements significant layoffs

UPDATE: Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor told Gamasutrahis studio "had to slim WAY down to conserve cash reserves" but is still operating, with its future staked on the success of Wildman. The original story follows.

Gas Powered Games, developer of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and the nascent kickstarter for Wildman, has implemented significant layoffs. Multiple sources have told Kotaku that "almost everyone at the company has been laid off," and the studio may be shutting down entirely.

Gas Powered Games' website says the Redmond, Wash. studio employs more than 60 people. Founder Chris Taylor confirmed that layoffs are taking place, but didn't address their extent.

"We do have a layoff, and we'll be updating our Kickstarter as well with details as well very soon," Taylor said. "I'm way behind, so many wonderful people to talk to and share stories with, so it just takes time. It's actually been a fairly positive experience, because I run a very open company and everyone knows what's going on."

The Wildman Kickstarter has not been updated at this time, and stands just short of $175,000 out of its $1.1 million goal.

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