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Gas Powered Games Kickstarts Wildman

The studio behind Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege is getting stone aged for its next adventure, an action-RPG/RTS hybrid called Wildman. The game answers why humans are the only intelligent species on Earth with the answer, "Because we bashed all the others' brains out thousands of years ago."

Wildman combines elements from Gas Powered Games' catalog of titles, with Dungeon Siege influencing the main hero who battles, loots, and gains experience across an overworld. Some RTS and MOBA aspects come through from Supreme Commander and Demigod, with expandable tech trees (which are influenced by said loot) upgrading waves of units who fight alongside the Wildperson in specially delineated war zones.

As is always the case with Kickstarter, it remains to be seen whether Gas Powered Games can pull the ambitious ideas off--but the studio says it needs $1.1 million in funds to give it a go.

Whether you want to back it or not, you've got to love Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor's hammy acting.

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